Pet Surgery

At Homesteady Veterinary Hospital, we provide a variety of surgical
services, ranging from routine spays and neuters to C-sections,
gastrointestinal foreign body removals, and more!


We offer a wide range of soft tissue procedures, including spay and neuter, C-sections, mass removals, reconstructive surgeries like laceration repairs, dental surgeries, and more. All our surgeries, whether major abdominal procedures or minor sedated procedures, are monitored by an anesthetic assistant and the veterinarian. We monitor your pet’s heart rate, the electrical activity of the heart, the respiratory rate, the oxygen saturation of the blood, and your pet’s blood pressure during procedures to minimize the risk of anesthesia.

In addition, bloodwork is recommended before all anesthetic procedures to identify any underlying health problems that may place your pet at risk. This can be performed in our in-house laboratory, with results available on the same day. Do you have more questions or want to schedule your pet for a procedure with our doctor? Come on in for a pre-surgical examination today!