Pet Dental Care

Regular dental cleanings are essential in maintaining your
pet’s teeth as well as their overall health.

What Makes Dental Care so Important and Vital?

Let’s face it: sometimes your pet’s breath stinks! Bad breath aside, this can be an indicator of serious dental disease. Regular dental cleanings help us keep your pet’s smile brighter than a new penny and allow us to perform thorough exams, including dental radiographs, to check for problems below the gum line that can lead to tooth loss, serious infections, and pain. At Homestead Veterinary Hospital, we offer advanced treatments, like Sanos Dental Sealant, that help reduce the number of bacteria and plaque build-up between dental cleanings, too.

What Can We Do to Improve Dental Health?

There are many different ways to improve your pet’s dental health, such as daily brushing at home and dental chews, but the most important is regular oral exams with your veterinarian. The most effective way to avoid dental disease is yearly professional cleanings. At Homestead Veterinary Hospital, our team performs thorough cleanings that include dental radiographs to diagnose problems below the gums, scaling and polishing the teeth, as well as probing the gums for any pocketing. We also offer Sanos Dental Sealant treatments to keep your pet’s teeth tartar free for longer between cleanings.

Did you know that pets that receive regular dental care, on average, live 30% longer lives than those that don’t have regular dental cleanings? This is because bacteria living under the gums can enter the blood circulation and cause damage to the heart, kidney, and liver. The bacteria also erode the bone around the teeth over time and, in severe cases, can cause fractures of the lower jaw. Luckily, Homestead Veterinary Hospital is here to help you keep on top of your pet’s oral health!