Pet Bathing

When you trust Homestead Veterinary Hospital with bathing services, you can rely on us to give your pet high-quality, thoughtful care.

A Clean Pet is a Happy Pet!

You can always count on our hospital to provide your pet with high-quality, considerate care when you entrust us with washing services. Our veterinary experts treat your pet as if they were their own, regardless of whether they are just here for a short bath, nail trim, anal gland expression, or more thorough treatment, including a medicated bath, de-matting, ear cleaning, or a sanitary clip. We make every effort to keep your pet as relaxed and at ease as possible throughout the grooming appointment, and we’ll phone you as soon as your pet is prepared for pickup.

Bathing Services

  • Regular Baths and Double-Coat Baths – All baths include brushing, shampooing, conditioning, and drying. Double-coated pets also receive a de-shedding treatment to clean their thick coats and remove loose fur.
  • Medicated Baths – Whether your pet suffers from allergy-induced atopic dermatitis or has picked up a few fleas, a medicated bath can help soothe and repair their coat and skin while nixing the parasites if necessary.

To learn more about our services or pricing, we welcome you to contact our office.